Dinky Doughnuts

My new absolute favourite bake is these dinky doughnuts. They are super easy peasy and delicious (a little bit too delicious…..!)


If you fancy having a go you will need a silicone baking tray that holds x20 mini doughnuts. The doughnuts pop out really easily from these trays, so I would highly recommend.

200g caster sugar
385g self-raising flour
1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract
300ml semi skimmed milk
3 eggs
115g melted unsalted butter

In a large bowl mix all ingredients together until you have a thick batter

200 o/c, 180 o/c fan
10 mins and 2 mins resting in the tray before pressing out.

Yield: 100!!




It's a little fiddly to get the mixture in as it's so thick. You don't need very much mixture in each ring so aim to fill them no more than half way up. If you have any mixture on the central hole just clean off to keep the ring doughnut shape.


Removing the doughnuts can be tricky. Don’t be tempted to peel back the silicone mould – it will rip the doughnut! Turn the silicone mould upside down onto a cooling rack and gently press the doughnut from its mould. They will just fall out onto the tray.



Toppings and flavours!!!!!! Yummy……

Cinnamon sugar – 50g caster sugar mixed with 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon.
Brush melted butter on each doughnut and dunk into the sugar mixture.


Silver Spoon sell brilliant flavoured icing sugar bags. All you need to do is add water to your desired consistency. For these doughnuts you don’t want it too runny – it goes everywhere! But also not too thick – you need to dunk them.
I used the Silver Spoon strawberry and chocolate icing bags. I dunked half into 100’s and 1000’s and left half plain. They were all scrummy!

Enjoy your dinky doughnuts…… X



Choccywoccy Heaven

Wow! I seem to be surrounded by chocolate……
Normally I’m in my element when chocolate is concerned, but since joining Slimming World I look at chocolate in a whole new light. It’s all about syns….

30th January – Charlie’s 5th birthday. Charlie’s birthday cake request was ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ I was (if not more) excited about his cake than he was. I loved making it and in true Wonka style it was a 3 tier chocolate cake….


2nd February – birthday party day.
To celebrate his birthday Charlie wanted to visit ‘his’ factory! So off we went to Cadbury World. It was amazing! We went on a historical tour, car ride, wrote our names in chocolate and to finish off made our own chocolate. I chose Jelly Babies delicious!


The chocolate theme continues……
4th February – Malmesbury Cake Society
Theme – chocolate cake
Live demo – chocolate truffles
The array of chocolate cakes were displayed and came in all forms. Cake pops, chocolate scones, chocolate meringue cake, shortbreads, loaves, the list goes on…..




Natalie from Centrepiece Cake Design gave a great demo on how to make chocolate truffles. They were absolutely delicious and so easy to make!


We had another fantastic night fundraising for Cancer Research UK.
Raising a total of £224.65. A grand total of £2,320.12 in just 7 months.

See you in March x

Malmesbury Cake Society meets The Great British Bake Off

Every month I receive at least one email from a trade fair that my darling mother has signed us up for. These ‘days out’ normally consist of an early start, a long drive, a lot of talking, walking and eating. We spend the day wondering through the 1000’s of exhibitors waiting for that something special to catch our eye.
Yesterday was the turn of Spring Fair International at the NEC. This was by far the biggest event we have attended with 20 halls full of exhibitors. On more than one occasion we were lost!! It was absolutely massive.
From following him on Twitter I knew that Edd Kimber The Boy Who Bakes would be at Spring Fair all week. We found him on the JWP stand with the most delicious cinnamon crumble cake still warm from the oven. I must find his recipe!! We had a lovely chat with him about appearing on The Great British Bake Off and I told him about Malmesbury Cake Society. He was a lovely guy and he was fab to meet him.


A few stands away we found Brendan Lynch. I turned on my heel to have a photo taken with him. Brendan was so welcoming we ended up spending about 10 minutes talking with him. I told him all about Malmesbury Cake Society and the lovely thing was that he had heard of us!!
I can honestly say, he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Brandan also works incredibly hard for and with numerous charities, including Macmillan, CRUK and Bowel Cancer. Brendan used The GBBO as a springboard to raise awareness of charity and fundraising. He told us of a few interesting projects that are on their way, so we will be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

It was a pleasure and honour to meet such a wonderful man with such a passion for baking and fundraising.

Brendan has inspired me to do that little bit more….. X